Sex in your 50’s and beyond: a mature woman’s view on what to expect
February 19, 2019 | By: Annie Hunte

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A Relationship As A Senior Dater Can Be Life Changing

Dating again for the first time in decades can be a daunting prospect for a mature woman, especially if sex is something that hasn’t been on your agenda for a long time. However, rest assured, once you’re past those initial first meetings, a romantic relationship as a senior dater can be life changing in a really positive way. Getting used to holding hands again and experiencing an embrace after many years of being single, can be thrilling and uplifting.

Relish The Moment And Let Things Take Their Course

If you’re attracted to your date, relish the moment and let things take their own course. Enjoying each other’s company and discovering unique and common interests will provide plenty of scope for conversation. Hopefully, both of you will be keen to make things work and want to enjoy all that a mature relationship can bring. If it leads nowhere, at least you’ve experienced the thrill of expectation and will look forward to your next encounter with someone new.

How Do You Feel About This New Romantic Interest?

Let’s assume after dating a few times that things are becoming a little more serious and you’re presented with the possibility of taking the relationship to the next level. Ask yourself, as a mature dater, how do you really feel about this romantic interest in your life? It doesn’t have to be goose bumps, but it’s important there’s a degree of positive anticipation at the thought of your next meeting. You may not have reached this quite yet, but if you’re feeling good vibes, and the friendship seems to be blossoming, there must be something worthwhile going on here.

Choosing The Perfect Place

If you or your date lives alone, then there may have already been a suggestion that sex is on the horizon and it will be far easier for something physical to take place for the first time. However, should you need or want to arrange an overnight stay somewhere in order for you to properly enjoy your first night together, I recommend a location where you will not feel too conspicuous. A large hotel rather than a country inn would perhaps be more hospitable. That way, you’re blending in with the crowd, rather than imagining you’re the centre of attention.

A Romantic Dinner and a Drink or Two Will Help You to Relax

Once settled, take some time to get used to the idea that you’ll soon be cuddling up with your date. Indulging in a romantic dinner and having a drink or two can help you to relax. However, don’t feel obliged to drink if you don’t want to. And don’t have more to drink than you’re used to. You wouldn’t want to pass out before the big moment!

Talk About Any Issues You May Be Unsure About

If either of you are uncomfortable about this leap into the unfamiliar, then it’s important to talk about any issues and try to allay fears or inhibitions which may have arisen. Men, as much as women, are likely to be self-conscious about their body; also their potential performance. This being the case, it’s far better to bring any concerns out into the open rather than pretend they don’t exist. A conversation will help both of you to understand these feelings, and could help to solve the problem.

Creating the Right Mood

Familiarity with each other, and with each other’s body, will help to improve these concerns. Holding each other, gentle touching, kissing, and sensual massage are all ways to share moments of passionate affection and can lead on to having a satisfying sexual experience. Hopefully, this will leave both of you feeling glad that you’ve taken the next step!

A Satisfying Sex Life Will Enhance Your Relationship

Once back into your every day routine, make a point of connecting with your date as a way of reassurance that all is still good between you. Assuming you enjoyed the experience, share this with him and tell him you’re looking forward to the next time. Hopefully, your sex life will gradually become an important part of your relationship and something special and fulfilling that will enhance your friendship as it grows.

There is no age limit to enjoying sex. As mature lovers you will hopefully find yourselves calling upon your self-awareness and experience to help you on your way to what could be a life changing and exhilarating encounter.


Annie Hunte is the founder of www.premiummaturedating.com