Divorce at 50: the definitive guide
February 1, 2013 | By: High50
Turning 50 doesn’t mean you're stuck with a life you don't want. As these articles – by 50-something writers – show, there are good ways to get out of a bad marriage. And ways to fix it

Guide to divorce. Photo by Jas LehalMore of us are marrying in later life and this is helping to boost UK marriage rates, according to the ONS. Our divorce rates are decreasing too. But you can prove anything with statistics, right? Divorce can still be one of the most painful experiences we can go through.

Knowing where to turn during a break-up can help, and we hope that the wealth of material we’ve compiled on the subject can comfort, inform and inspire. Our articles include:

Therapist and founder of the Divorce Support Group Charlotte Friedman gives her some honest insights into the anger and confusion that divorce can lead to – and offers hope that the pain will heal over time in Processing the emotions.

She will also be answering readers’ divorce dilemmas in our new monthly series that begins with a man who feels trapped in his 25-year marriage.

Divorcing in later life is not uncommon, and that may mean breaking the news to grown-up children. But just because they can understand what’s going on, it doesn’t mean it can’t confuse, anger and upset them. Celia Dodd speaks to some adult children of 50-plus divorcees to get a better understanding in Splitting when the kids are grown-up.

Linda Franklin is the author of How To Be Happy After A Divorce and she’s passing on some of her knowledge to divorced fathers in Divorced dads: how to treat your kids.

The statistics may say divorce rates are falling, but there are many who cite our troubled economy as the reason: couples simply cannot afford the split. We offer some advice on divorce’s debt trap.

Money woes are one thing, but when mutual friends are split due to your divorce it can lead to awkward and anxious times, but as long as you don’t force them to take sides, relationships can survive intact.

Though reassuringly, as Charlotte Friedman explains in A happy divorce, there are times where “with some effort, something bordering on dignity can be salvaged and that there is life after divorce.”

And finally, we’ve shortlisted our favourite divorce support sites, featuring Relate, Resolution and National Family Mediation to add to your arsenal of advice.

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