The five best divorce advice and support websites
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Has your relationship ended? If you are newly separated, there is plenty of practical help and emotional advice on these five super-useful websites. By Celia Dodd
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Don’t do it! Support during a break-up is just a click away. Photo from Shutterstock


Fantastically informative site of what was formerly called the Solicitors’ Family Law Association, a forward-thinking group of 5,700 lawyers committed to a non-confrontational approach to divorce. It contains plain-speaking, supportive advice on avoiding court and finding a lawyer, and how to proceed if you’re not married.

The Divorce Doctor

Author, self-styled ‘divorce doctor’ and relationship expert Francine Kaye knows her stuff: she divorced herself 16 years ago. She now counsels couples on the brink of separating as well as individuals keen to move on. Her blog is also worth a look.

Divorce Support Group

Emotional and psychological support for surviving the trauma, provided by our own Charlotte Friedman. The group offers a range of services, including mediation and therapy for couples and individuals, both face to face and on the phone. It also has a network of support groups in different parts of the country.

National Family Mediation

National Family Mediation is the network of professional mediation services. The site doesn’t focus solely on the couple, but offers guidance to children, grandparents, other relatives and friends. With a much-needed jargon buster section.


Relate has become so closely associated with marriage-saving that it’s easy to forget it also supports couples through separation. It offers group workshops on moving forward after divorce, as well as counselling for individual couples.

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