I was bored and needed a new career so launched my own fashion blog
October 27, 2014 | By:
Anmarie Bowler launched her vintage and second-hand fashion blog after turning 50 this year. She tells how she mastered the web and built a following
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Anmarie started a fashion blog after turning 50 this year and now hunts London for vintage and second-hand fashion

American-born Anmarie Bowler has had a varied career in politics, journalism, fashion and theatre in both the US and the UK. She has lived in London since 2006 when she opened a women’s clothing shop called Crimson just around the corner from Tony Blair’s home.

Crimson stocked young designers and small American labels and soon became a big hit, receiving numerous ‘best small shop’ accolades in the press. However, critical success did not mean financial success and after three years Anmarie closed the shop.

After turning 50 in February of this year, Anmarie decided to build on her fashion background and start a fashion blog called Huntress London.

“I’ve always enjoyed change, moving from one place to another, from one job to another. I suppose I’m not afraid of failure. I’m far more afraid of regret. And boredom,” explains Anmarie.

While most fashion sites have an ‘outfit of the day’, Huntress London features pre-owned fashion gems, the history of these and by offering styling tips.

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Huntress London offers daily advice for vintage and flea market shoppers, chronicling the pleasures of pre-owned

“My first blog post was about going into my local Oxfam and finding a pair of stunning Helen Bateman shoes, a brand designed in Scotland and made in Spain with just one shop in Edinburgh. They’re a real collector’s piece.”

“Figuring out the tech side of blogging was one of the most gratifying parts of the project and completely unexpected,” explains Anmarie.

She learned how to drive readers to her blog via social media, has a basic understanding of HTML and is much better at getting the most out of her digital camera.

“I spend about an hour each morning and then off and on briefly throughout the day, writing and tweeting to promote posts. Sometimes on Sundays I’ll spend several hours writing about and photographing my finds.”

Anmarie enjoys researching the history of the item and discovering the stories of brands and styles gone by and finds modernising items by repurposing and restyling them an enjoyable challenge.

“I love styling interesting, modern looks via dress agencies, vintage markets and fairs, rather than succumb to the repetitive fashions that make their way from runway to high street each season.”

“The truth is that the blog is a platform from which to be heard – a place to innovate, experiment.”