13 best life hack websites everyone needs to know about in 2016. How to save money and save time
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Short on time? Use these life hack websites to help. Flickr

Short on time? Use these life hack websites to help. Photo from Flickr

Websites to organise your life

There are all sorts of organisation/project management tools for the workplace that can help you organise your mounting to-do list and organise your team, family and friends. Try Trello or Basecamp. For social events, Doodle is an easy way to find a date everyone is free without hundreds of texts zipping back and forth. The Sweet Setup also recommends the best iOS and Mac apps with a great focus on productivity. 


TaskRabbit has traders offering to do your chores, everything from painting to picking up parcels

TaskRabbit has traders offering to do your chores, everything from painting to picking up parcels

This online marketplace enables people to outsource almost any chore and ‘Taskers’ to carry out the jobs for a fee. The range of jobs is vast; people have been hired to move furniture, clean, put up shelves, drop off dry cleaning, sort out paperwork, create wedding invitations, wait in line for restaurants and more!


Contrary to what you read all the time on the web, long-form journalism is not dead in the digital world. Longform curates intelligent, thought-provoking, deep reads of 5,000 words and more, and has daily reading recommendations , a weekly podcast, and an app. Topics are as diverse as a travelog of the starkly beautiful Japanese island of Hokkaido; Looking for Hemingway (an account of American expats in Paris in the 50s); a writer’s account of his father-in-law’s assisted suicide; and the unexpected Unearthing the Sea Witch (“Behind the character Ursula in The Little Mermaid was a legendary drag queen from Baltimore named Divine”). 


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TED isn’t new to High50 readers but in an article on websites to transform your life, it can’t not be mentioned! Experts in their fields give 18-minute-or-less talks on ideas that could, literally, change your life and change the world. Arianna Huffington’s is TED Talk (above) one of the top watched. Browse the multitude of topics. The speakers are impressive and inspirational, some generating millions of hits of YouTube. Other ways to access the talks include Netflix and iTunes. 


Hallelujah! This site will mean you will never again sit and wonder if a site is down or if your office computer is just playing up again. Type in the domain name and find out if the site is down straight away.

Moving to a new city?


Family, friends or children moving to a new city? Find out about where they should live

Place I Live is a neighbourhood search portal, which allows people moving to a new city to find out about different neighbourhoods. Great if your kids are moving away from home. Currently the site hosts information on neighbourhoods in Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco and Berlin, but the plan is to add more cities. Users can find out about transport, hospitals, schools and convenience stores in one hit. The New York, London and San Francisco portals seem the most populated with content currently. 


Save on your transport costs by using ride-share platform BlaBlaCar. The site connects drivers with empty seats with passengers looking for a ride drive. Those who drive can cover their fuel costs and passengers can save on costly train, plane or bus tickets. The platform has options for female-only ride shares. 


Spinlister lets users rent bikes from cyclists in different cities

Spinlister lets users rent bikes from cyclists in different cities

Dubbed the Airbnb for bikes, Spinlister enables cyclists travelling to different countries around the world to hire bikes when they arrive. Avid cyclists can try out different models, people don’t have to transport their own bike and bike owners in different cities can earn some extra cash. The company currently has listers in 63 countries. In the UK, bikes are insured up to $10,000.


Sign up for a daily email. Now, admittedly, you receive enough articles each day to give you email overwhelm and it’s slightly ‘American’ but there is also some brilliant advice. Examples include five ways to overcome entrepreneur isolation, five steps to building a high-performance team in the workplace, five things bosses should never say to millennials, 10 efficient workout tips for 2016…



Camp in a picturesque garden around the world from £5 per night

Want cheaper nights away? Even cheaper than Airbnb? campinmygarden.com rents out gardens instead of rooms. Claire Fairburn initially launched the site in 2011 to help Wimbledon ticket holders find spaces to stay nearby the famous tennis championships.

The site now features 1,500 listings around the world and owners usually charge between £5 and £15 per night depending on the amenities offered. Listings include Devon farms, homes in Cornwall, gardens near the beautiful north Norfolk beaches and a 1.2 acre garden 15 minutes’ drive from Glastonbury for £15 per person.

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