Couples counselling: five top holidays
July 23, 2012 | By:
Relationship under stress? Talking therapy combined with a holiday could rekindle the romance. Oliver Bennett picks the five best websites for couples retreats
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Ready to jump ship? A couples holiday could smooth the waters. Photo by Bob Friel

With the divorce rate among over-50s soaring, perhaps it’s time to consider a couples-therapy break. So bring the issues, the tissues, and make up or break up away from home.

Carib counselling

St Lucia’s Rendezvous resort claims to be the only destination of its kind in the Caribbean to provide an “escape for couples from the stresses and strains of everyday life”. The white beach, wellness centre and strict no-kids policy all help. Visit The Romantic Holiday.

Organic boost

The Chateau in Malaysia says it is “the world’s first organic wellness resort”. Its Couples’ Wellness Rejuvenation offers relationship enhancement counselling with a New Age-y edge, for “couples looking to boost their body and mind connection”. Visit The Chateau: Couples’ Wellness Rejuvenation.

Tuscany for two

Summer’s Leases offers self-catering villas in Tuscany and Umbria, and emphasises a dose of Tuscan dolce vita to repair the stresses and strains. “Life under the Tuscan sun is the perfect way to repair a frayed relationship,” they say. You can enjoy a holiday break in Tuscany with a qualified on-site counsellor and therapeutic activities such as a cookery class, a visit to a winery or cycling through olive groves.Visit Summer’s Leases (check back at the end of January for details of this break).

My Thai

This holiday claims to condense life coaching, counselling and therapy into a unique tailor-made holiday in Thailand and promises to resolve difficult feelings, increase confidence and help you find new ways forward through its Couples Therapy and Relationship Counselling programme. It includes post-holiday support: each break includes 12 weeks of online counselling and life coaching. Visit The Life Change People: couples therapy retreats.

Living La Garda Loca

At Salò, on Italy’s Lake Garda, you can “bring back the feel-good factor into your life” on a Life Choices break. The company offers personalised consultations and couples retreats that help you to think through your life in beautiful surroundings (but try to forget that Salò is where Mussolini’s HQ was in World War II). Visit Stepping Off: Life Choices.