How Much Does a Funeral Actually Cost
September 14, 2018 | By: High50

There are a lot of factors to consider when faced with the unfortunate task of organising a funeral. Not only are we faced with so many difficult emotions and decisions, but there are also the ever-rising costs which can hit us hard, especially if unexpected.

Legal and General recently released a report detailing just how much the average funeral costs in the UK – a rather daunting £4,086.

In 2017 77% of funerals were cremations, with the other 23% being burials. This will partly be down to the average cost of a UK burial funeral being £4,800, whereas a cremation comes in considerably cheaper at £3,872.

These figures include funeral directors fees, burial/cremation costs, transportation to the chapel of rest, opportunity for the family to view the deceased, teak/oak veneer or similar coffin, a hearse, the funeral procession and preparation/care of the deceased.

And costs do fluctuate depending on where you live in the UK. If you live in London, specifically Enfield, North London, a burial funeral could cost you as much as £13,049. This is almost double the average costs in the capital, where burials cost £7,700 and cremations £4,600.

The south of England has the overall highest funeral costs, with the South East coming in at £5,200 for a burial and £4,500 for a cremation. The South West is a little cheaper however, with burials coming in at £4,500 and cremations £4,200.

Once you start to move north prices begin to meet the UK average, such as East Anglia where a burial funeral costs an average of £4,800 and a cremation £4,200.

The West Midlands is a little pricier, with burials costing £5,000 and cremations £3,900, but it’s the East Midlands which provides the most surprising results. The region has England’s only average burial costs below £4k at £3,900, with cremations in line with the national average at £3,800.

Burials in the East Midlands are even, on average, cheaper than in Wales, where a burial costs £4,200. Cremations, on the other hand, are the second cheapest in the UK at £3,600.

A cremation in Scotland is in line with the UK average at £3,800, whereas a burial will set you back £4,600.

The cheapest funerals in the UK are in Northern Ireland, where a burial funeral costs an average of £3,300, and a cremation £3,400. Northern Ireland is also the only region in the UK where burials are cheaper than cremations, thanks to the lack of crematoria in the region.

These costs are a 4% increase on the average cost of a funeral in the UK in 2016. If costs keep rising at the same rate, then by 2024 the average cost will be £5,925.

They also don’t include ‘extras’, such as floral tributes and post-funeral gatherings, so expect these costs to be higher still.

For more information on funeral costs please visit the Legal and General website.