Top five green finance websites
April 11, 2013 | By:
Going green doesn't have to mean going broke. Sheila Prophet lists five sites to help you save money the green way, either by saving energy in the home or by investing ethically

Green energy_wind farm-620 Corbis 42-17747393SAVING ENERGY

Green Energy Helpline This switching site compares all the energy tariffs drawing their electricity directly from renewable sources, and claims it could cut bills by £150 a year and chop your CO2 footprint by up to two tonnes. Visit Green Energy Helpline.

Energy Saving Trust An invaluable resource for eco-minded folk, with all manner of inspirational ideas, tips and advice on cutting your energy waste and your outgoings. Visit Energy Saving Trust.

Seat 61 A brilliant site put together by former rail expert Mark Smith, which tells you how to avoid contributing to global warming by travelling on a plane and lets you track down the cheapest train tickets to points across Europe and beyond. Visit The Man in Seat Sixty-One.


The Green Investor This site is a great starting point for beginners, produced by Nick Hanna, a writer with a passion for the environment as “an indispensable companion to the low carbon economy”. Comprehensive advice on where to put your money and how to do it. Visit The Green Investor.

Ethical Investment The website of the Ethical Investment Association, a group of financial investors from across the UK dedicated to promoting green investment. The EIA also run various events and conferences throughout the year, which spread the word about the benefits of going green. Visit The Ethical Investment Association.