The five best blogs for golf nuts
April 20, 2012 | By:

There’s no shortage of golf enthusiasts on the web, blogging news, opinion and golfing gossip. Julie Welch has them down to a tee

Golf-best-websites-golf-ball-on-tee-620 Bigstock 59351534Golf bloggers are the nineteenth-hole barflies of the virtual world, eager to share gossip, brags, tips, laments, philosophical reflections and the latest speculation about Tiger Woods. There are hundreds of golf blogs out there, but these are some of my favourites, retrieved from the rough, the bunker and even the green.

The Golfing Hacker is the online home of The Hacker, the Independent on Sunday column of Peter Corrigan, alpha sportswriter and passionate hit-and-hope golfer. For all those who know what it is to tee up with ambitious expectations that are usually quickly dashed.

The US blogger SirShanksAlot features rumours, news, reviews and golf drills. Lots going on, a buzzy style, and a top read for the golfing obsessive who likes kit and equipment.

In spite of its girly name, Golf Girl’s Diary caters for the men’s game as well as the women’s, with think pieces, profiles of up-and-coming players and lots of links. Throw in a bit of fashion and, even if you’re not majorly into the sport, this is an enjoyable visit.

Mark Alexander Photography is not the blog where you’re going to find the minutiae of golfing life, but it’s worth visiting just for the fantastic golfing landscape photography. There’s no other phrase for it: this is pure golf-course porn.

Press Tent is packed with all the little extraneous snippets of news and conversation that usually get processed down or thrown out of the mainstream sports page. You can almost smell the rapidly cooling plastic cup of tea, deadline-induced sweat outbreak and the damp grass that is Eau de Press Tent.