Top five football videos
October 21, 2011 | By:

Some of the sweetest shooting, hardest talking and ugliest defending videos to have caught the beautiful game, listed by Julie Welch

[field name=Rooney-bicycle-kick]

Rooney Bicycle Kick, 2011

Twenty past two on Saturday 12 February 2011. Wayne Rooney produces an incredible overhead kick to win the Manchester derby. Somehow that phenomenal leap is all the more startling because of how Rooney is made. It’s as if a navvy sprang himself upside down from the ditch he’d been digging. Goal of the year? Goal of the century, more like.

Tottenham Sharpshooters newsreel, 1961

A surreal gem of a clip from 1961. The landlord of the White Hart shows off his gun collection to players from the legendary Tottenham Hotspur Double-winning side. It’s especially poignant because it’s practically the only colour footage in existence of John White, the midfield genius known as the Ghost of White Hart Lane. Three years later, only 27 years old, he was killed by lightning while playing golf.

Clough vs Revie spat, Yorkshire TV, 1974

It’s 1974 and Brian Clough and Don Revie go head to head on Yorkshire TV after Clough 44-day tenure as manager of Leeds is finished. The enmity that inspired the film The Damned United.

The ten hardest fouls

Nostalgia for anyone who hankers after the days before footballers were all diving panty-waists.