Jobs for over-50s: where to find them
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No need to get on your bike to look for work these days! Photo from Corbis

Do you fancy a change of career? Been made redundant? Or are you looking to return to work after a divorce or the kids leaving home? Here are some of the best websites for over-50s job vacancies and recruitment.

The Age and Employment Network is an independent organisation trying to remove age barriers in employment. It offers information on all aspects of ageism in the workplace, can give advice, and points older people looking for work or training in the right direction. We’ve also looked into age discrimination against women in the workplace and government figures suggest it’s on the rise, and that more than half the long-term unemployed are over 50.

Skilled People was set up by four companies with the aim of matching employers, particularly small businesses, with older, experienced jobseekers.

If you are aiming to increase your leisure time in your fifties, Timewise Jobs specialises in part-time and job share opportunities, mainly in accountancy, IT and administration.

Similarly, the freelancing community website PeoplePerHour allows people to bid for posted tasks which include business advice, administration, writing or design work.

Forties People describes itself as “the recruitment agency with a mature outlook and an innovate approach”. It focuses on experienced office staff with some computer knowledge in London and the South-East.

Thinking of going it alone? The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprises (PRIME), as well as being an excellent acronym, is a great source of advice and support for people setting up businesses, with e-learning guides, face-to-face networking events and workshops and courses around the country.

For inspiration we spoke we some of the leading entrepreneurs of our generation. Richard E. Grant started a perfume company. Emma Bridgewater told us about her pottery. And by the age of 53 Johnnie Boden has a £300m clothing empire. You can see and read all our interviews on our Startup section.

Many online job hunting sites out there don’t specifically cater for the over 50s, but the sheer volume of jobs on them warrants a mention for GigajobTotaljobs, Monster, and Reed 


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