Age Appropriate Dressing? Don’t even go there…  
December 1, 2016 | By: High50


High50 welcomes Kay Davidson, designer and wardrobe coach. From January 2017, Kay will be giving us simple, practical weekly advice on how to update and declutter our wardrobes to find our genuine individual style.

Rather than trying to constrain people in age-appropriate clothes or a style to suit a stereotype, Kay believes that style is subjective and so works with individuals to help them unlock their individual style. ‘What is right for one is a nightmare for another,’ says Kay. ‘We each have our unique style DNA, there to boost our day and lift our mood – or make us cringe when we get it wrong. It’s happened to us all, but with a little know-how, there will be more “Wow! Look at me days” than “Oh no, why did I buy that?” days.  Kay encourages clients to work with the clothes they own and maybe buy a few key pieces to bring their existing wardrobe up to date and make it flow. Her weekly process will enable you to identify your style and really feel like you in your outfits, boosting your confidence and reducing the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

If you’re buying clothes for friends and family this Christmas, Kay collaborated for the first time with astrologer, Francesca Oddie, at Frankinsense and Mirth, finding out how your star sign affects how you dress.  Below are her findings:


Ruled by Mars, Aries is a fiery, strong independent sign, commonly associated with red.  Aries are pragmatic and decisive; they see things in black and white so ever-fashionable monochrome works for you.  Aries will always stand out. And Aries rules the head so you’ll need a hat this winter.  Show them who’s boss – you are!


Ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about beauty and comfort – all earthy colours and natural fibres. Taurus individuals have highly refined senses and revel in gentle luxury so the texture of their clothes is very important.  Choose fine craftsmanship and quality rather than quantity.  Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, so a statement necklace will add Venusian splendour to any outfit.


Ever changing, quick fire Gemini enjoys exploring all kinds of fashions and looks – glamorous, funky, sporty, often plumping for yellows and other brights. Your ability to pull off any look off communicates your ability to understand, appreciate and participate in a variety of different lifestyles.  You are adaptable and interesting! Gemini rules the hands so don’t forget your cocktail ring.


Cancer is ruled by the moon so think white, pearl earrings and silvery pale colours.  Just as the moon cycle refreshes each month, Cancer likes to keep up with ever cycling fashions.  You are a gentle, caring sort and your clothes will be loose, flowing and comfortable.  Perhaps you have an interest in vintage?  Gran’s coat or her jewellery will remind you of her love and keep you warm.  Cancer rules the breasts and stomach (think moon, anything round) so make sure you have the correct bra size, so your assets are all in the right place.


Ruled by the sun, Leo shines brightly and confidently. Leos are the most attractive, vital and stunning of the entire zodiac.  With your gorgeous hair and powerful presence, you will be found in striking outfits, bright colours and generally oozing glamour.  Leo takes pride in her appearance and whatever you wear will get you noticed so you might as well buy some golden bling and shine!


Virgo rules all things small and miniature.  Francesca has found that most Virgo women have skinny legs and happily, Virgo also rules the mini skirt.  You value simplicity so minimal, clean lines and plain colours are your thing. Virgo analyses and cleanses, picking out the purest and finest in design. Virgo is clever and frugal but will not compromise on quality so you’ll find Virgo in a designer outlet grabbing branded bargains. Virgo loves showing how cleverly they’ve researched how best to present themselves.


Harmonious Libra is ruled by Venus.  You’ll never see Libra in clashing colours.  Rather than following trends, Libra’s classic style doesn’t date.  Libra needs balance and beauty and doesn’t want to change her look too often with the call of fashion.  You are a diplomat, presenting yourself as fair, balanced and well refined with a consistent style that articulates your love of peace and harmony.


Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio likes black.  Whether you have Goth tendencies or enjoy a good swipe of black eyeliner or a dark knitted dress with some big black biker boots … there is a love of dark colours and all that is bold and intimidating. Scorpio is known as the sexiest sign of the zodiac so we you’ll probably find a little black number that makes them look and feel sexy in Scorpio’s wardrobe.   You like to demonstrate your power through the way you dress.


Not known for being a wallflower Sagittarius is drawn to bright colours, pattern and all things exotic or foreign. You’re ruled by Jupiter who also rules the hips and bottom so they may be your biggest and best feature (Jupiter is not known for doing things on a small scale).  All things maxi are Sagittarian. You enjoy wearing things you bought on your travels, ethnic, bright and original pieces that show the world how open and broad minded you are.


Ruled by Saturn, we are all about keeping up appearances.  Saturn is formal, respects authority and is always smart, never shabby.  Think dark suits, impeccable tailoring, great structure that never goes out of style. Capricorn is immaculate.  You show your self-discipline through the way you dress.


Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus so whist appreciating older structured styles, you will also veer towards very contemporary pieces.  Ahead of your time, you can appear unconventional and be quite rebellious.  You are drawn to aquamarine and turquoise and like boyfriend-style jeans or jeans and blazer.  You dress quite androgynously and are not overly concerned with presenting your femininity.


How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? Pisces is quite hard to categorise so look to the rest of your chart for stronger style clues. You probably enjoy floaty, comfortable attire that gives an indication of your open and generous nature.  You can fit in anywhere, your ability to notice subtle detail and your creative tendencies will lead you to your own personal style.  Pisces rules the feet so make sure you have a good pair of shoes to facilitate your wanderlust.

Kay Davidson, Style Director



Francesca Oddie is an up and coming astrologer and operates through her blog Frankinsense and Mirth or why not follow her on Twitter and Instagram @francescaoddie or www.francescaoddie.com