Get the Blues: Mrs V’s top five denim pieces
January 27, 2017 | By: High50

Get the blues Denim Not since the 1800’s has denim been so ‘de rigeur’ when Levi Strauss unknowingly staged his first catwalk show by creating the uniform trousers now known as jeans.  The name “denim” derives from the French serge de Nîmes, meaning serge from Nîmes.  The contemporary use of the word “jeans” comes from Gênes, the French word for Genoa in Italy, where the first denim trousers were made.

So here we have an all-encompassing, go off and do it yourself sort of column. Put your hands up if you don’t have a shred of denim in your possession. As I thought, you’ve all got an opinion on this subject. You’ve all got a ticket to this party. All I’m doing is serving canapés and laying a 5- piece Smorgasbord before you.

Do over indulge. Not only can we wear denim for gardening, but also for every single other activity in life. You can put anything with, over, under and around your denim. Go low or high, heels-wise. If you can’t resist the sales, take Mrs V’s advice, who is doing as she would be done by, and pick up seminal denim garments. They are rarely the priciest items anyway and now is your time to pounce. Stratify them with woolly jumpers, boots and faux fur gilets, and then later in the year with flip flops, slides and lacy camisoles under or over. If you don’t already possess a jean jacket, we really need to talk, but until then you have time to put this one in your basket;

Denim Jean Jacket Zara  £15.99

Get the blues: Zara jean jacket

Let’s incorporate Chambray into our remit today as it’s essentially a lightweight version of denim and it lends itself beautifully to blouses and dresses. This smock is very pretty and although I’ve shown it here with leggings, it looks amazing over tailored trousers too. I’ve also tried it with a knee length pencil skirt and a bit of a heel and it still looked mighty fine. This is a guide and this top shown is interchangeable with a flowing Chambray shirt. I’m planting seeds here.

Zara flowing Chambray Smock £9.99

Get the blues: Zara Smock Top

Emerging from the crowd scene of denim skirts is this little honey. I’ve gone a bit USA Mid West on you here and think I’m looking better for it. I fully intend to wear this skirt with lacy/fishnet tights and a tailored jacket or tux and I’m barging my way in anywhere. Who’s on my team?

H&M Denim Slit Front Skirt £24.99

Get the blues denim skirt

As I keep rechecking my pearls of wisdom here, I’m pretty self-congratulatory as these very simple items are merch heroes. They are in it for the long haul. So, to another utterly staple item, the denim shirt. The wearing of this doesn’t mean that you’ve joined the rodeo, but that you’re so on trend you’re untouchable. Add to that happy status, you’ve gone all in and chosen black denim. As Rachel in Friends once said, ‘That my friends is closure.’

All Saints Black Denim Shirt. £88.00

Get the blues: All Saints Black Denim jeans shirt

Bringing up – and covering – the rear are the crowd pleasers, dungarees. I have three pairs of dungarees, very tight, very long and trendy and the Miner 49er style. Lacy, silky, T-Shirts, woolly jumpers, bralets, body suits and sports tops are all featured artists in the symphony of clothes that have appeared on life’s stage with me under my dungarees. Heels, trainers, clogs, flip flops, slides, Wellington and Ugg Boots have peeped out from under their hems. Don’t discount them, try a few on and really see if you can work them. You’ll be sartorially quids in if you can.

Levis Denim Dungarees  £47.00

Get the Blues Dungarees

I feel a bit frenzied confining myself to just five things in the denim stratosphere when there is gold in them there hills. Do be adventurous and confrontational when you purchase and wear your clothes. Denim is approaching the red carpet and you need to be sitting in the front row if you’re not actually getting an award.


For for more information on what Mrs. V is wearing, please visit her website The Model Edit.