No More Sweat Pants and Baggy T-Shirts! Stylish Gym Clothes You Can Also Wear On A Night Out
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Gone are the days of velour jumpsuits and matching windbreaker sets. Fitness and fashion worlds have collided so your work out clothes can be worn anywhere (no one will be any the wiser)


From running path to the runway, these versatile items will get you moving

If sleek cuts, edgy designs and undeniable comfort is your go-to in fashion, then get ready to learn how to join in on the fun of today’s ‘athleisure’ movement.

This rapid growing athletic trend in fashion was even present during the 2014 New York Fashion Week with designers such as Oiselle and Athleta hitting the runway. And this is just the beginning – according to the Wall Street Journal, Barclays estimates “the U.S. athletic apparel market will increase by nearly 50% to more than $100 billion at retail by 2020.” 

The clothes you workout in can also double as the clothes you go out in – here are our favorite picks as well as some simple styling tips, too. 


Sleek, comfy and functional – better get two pairs of the “perfect core legging” from Lucy which passed our rigorous test

One Leg Up – How To Pick The Perfect Leggings

If you buy only one ‘athleisure’ item this year may it be the incredibly versatile black legging. However while the options are limitless, not all leggings are created equal.

When it comes to finding this fitness fashion staple look out for these three things: 1) Quality thread blend, 2) Waistband placement and 3) Strategic seams. Combined, these three elements will ultimately make your black leggings both workout and workday friendly.

So starting with the thread blend – before you slip your legs into a pair of leggings slip your hands in first. Once you do, spread your fingers wide and aggressively press your hand through the material. If you can see the threading or worse – if you can see your hand then pass on this pair. A good pair of leggings won’t lose their form when stretched and in turn will last much longer.

Next, the thicker the waistband the better – think instant tummy control. And last but certainly not least curved seams are the best. With that said this pair from Lucy – the Perfect Core Legging – wins in all three departments so treat yourself to a pair this holiday season. They’ll last a long time, so the investment is worth it.

Top Things Off By Looking For Clean Cuts

Speaking of clean lines, when it comes to tops think functional yet flattering. I love the selection at Vimmia, and you will too. The drapey bottom is the perfect length for many body types –  which is great since most exercisers interested in hiding a thicker middle do so by wearing oversized tops. However this option does the trick without drowning out the rest of your figure. Plus the lightweight material makes for a lovely addition to your everyday wear collection as well.

Definitely Get A Sports Bra That Does Double Duty

Did you know that when you exercise your “twins” can bounce up to 21cm (8.2 inches) per workout? That is a lot of movement, right?  

If you’re not investing in good sports bras please start doing so now. The team over at Panache have this inevitable bounce factor in mind and not only do their bras provide plenty of support, they also happen to be quite pretty. No wonder Panache was the winner of sports bra brand of the year at the UK Lingerie Awards in both 2012 and 2013. 

For The Love Of Layering

Cashmere is always classy and the designers over at Athleta have created one cozy top layer for both your fitness and everyday needs. The Cashmere Cozy Up Sweater is lightweight, warm and nowhere close to bulky. In fact, the drapey fit makes any look appear effortlessly polished. Certainly a great piece to throw on on those days when you have a few more errands to run after your morning run.

IMAGE6 (1)

A sleek athletic shoe for the gym floor, coffee run and the dance floor


The Perfect Pair Worth Prancing Around In Group

Fitness just got ten times better due to the Women’s UA SpeedForm® StudioLux™ Shoe. Made specifically for a woman, this sleek design, satin like finish and gorgeous array of colors make this cross trainer a winning pair. Perfect for all your studio based classes and cute enough to wear just about anywhere. Way to go Under Armour.


Bracelet or Fitbit? Tory Burch and FitBit make a stylish fitness tracker


Fitness Tracking Just Got Classy

Fitness trackers have gained more and more popularity in the last three years and while many of us are opting for a more active lifestyle by incorporating these fit toys into our days, most trackers available tend to fall short in the chic department. That was until Tory Burch and Fitbit joined forces.

This exclusive collaboration has brought just the right amount of fashion to an already great functioning product with it’s Metal Hinged Bracelet. Made of stainless steel and available in three different finishes you can now track your active lifestyle without sacrificing style.


A fashionable gym bag with a yoga mat strap and detachable fanny pack

 Snag This Versatile Bag

Over at Lolë wellbeing is a state of mind and feminine style is their forte. Therefore when it comes to the perfect gym bag – let’s just say their designers definitely got this one “in the bag.” The Nina Duffle Bag is an organized, versatile and simply fabulous find. The nylon finish, attached yoga mat strap and detachable fanny pack makes this chameleon of a bag a keeper – so pick one of the five colors it comes in and enjoy this award winning duffle bag ladies.


The accessories to complete your transformation from gym bunny to dinner date

 Workout To Night Out – How To Complete Your Look

Now that you know the fundamentals of building the perfect fitness inspired wardrobe here are the only three pieces you’ll need in order to take your new gear from a workout to a night out. First swap your sassy Under Armour cross trainers for a comfy yet classy bootie like these Collection Rory Ankle Boots from J.Crew.

Then, depending on the weather, swap your cashmere sweater for a slightly sophisticated, slightly edgy jacket like this Quilted Leather Jacket from Ann Taylor. For those cooler nights just layer the blazer right over your cashmere sweater.

Leave your dinner mates wondering how they too can transition their wardrobe from a workout to a night out.