Why image matters
January 17, 2017 | By: High50

Style Why image mattersWardrobe consultant and style director of aliciakaystyle.com, Kay Davidson, tells us how to make our wardrobe work for us.

Why does your image matter?

Because it takes less than one-tenth of a second to create that all-important first impression?

Because it has been proven by numerous studies and surveys, that your mood can be enhanced and performance significantly increased by wearing clothes that you give you confidence?

Or simply;

Because when we look good, we feel good in ourselves?

The answer is, all of the above.

We hairless apes have been wearing clothes since 6000 BC and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Whether we are fully aware of it or not, the clothes that we chose to wear are an extension of our personality and our desire to belong, stand out or blend in. Even our performance and happiness levels are intertwined with what we wear.

We use expressions and words in our everyday language that originated in textiles, ‘on tenterhooks’, ‘looms’, ‘threadbare’. We catch airline shuttles, weave through traffic, follow comment threads. We talk of lifespans and spin-offs, such is our close association with fabrics as well as wearing it next to our skin. As part of the animal kingdom, humans are hard wired to react to the way people present themselves.

Clothes communicate in the language of the observer before any words are spoken. When your visual message is positive, psychologists call it the halo effect. I call it the ‘Wow! Look at you!’ factor and everyone around you can’t help but notice it too.

Over the coming weeks I am going to talk to you about the powerful effects of wearing the right clothes for you and how to get more from your image and wardrobe.

The 1st lesson is that style is subjective. There are no rights and no wrongs. The key to looking and feeling fabulous in your clothes is knowing what your positives are and playing to them. Then we can drill down to your style DNA because we all have one. We can all recognise style in other people, in the same way as we would pick up the tastiest piece of fruit from the basket to eat. So if we recognise it, we can emulate it.

Style - Kay Davidson In this first picture I have not raided my Aunts wardrobe, these items were for sale in 2016! I am simply wearing clothes that just don’t work for me. I feel awkward and uncomfortable as the clothes do not reflect my personality, yet so many of us fall into the trap of wearing clothes that are ‘not us’.

Style - clothes speak volumesIn the second photo, I’ve come alive. I am dressing for my own body positives. The clothes and accessories I have chosen to wear are in my style DNA and I am wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing me. Same hair and make up, only what I am wearing has changed.

Style - 1st impressionsThe third picture shows my friend. She is fun, vibrant with an outgoing personality. You wouldn’t know it from this picture. But compare the shot of her in the final image. All she has done is change (some) of her clothing and accessories. Would you believe it’s the same pair of trousers in both photos? This is how powerful the difference in our appearance can be, simply by the clothes we chose to wear and just as importantly, how we wear them.

Style - It's how you wear it I’ll be showing you much more than the importance of creating a great first impression – real style applies to everyday and aspect of your life, as well as making your wardrobe work hard for you.

Your style will evolve over the seasons and years, as you, your body, your confidence and perhaps even your circumstances change. I’m here to help you find your body positives and work them! No more focus on hiding what you don’t like with clothes to ensure 2017 is your year to get that ‘halo effect’.


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