Get shirty: Five of the top satin and silk shirts
December 14, 2016 | By: High50

shirts zara modelMrs V’s mission this week is getting you to slip in to something normally reserved for ‘best’ as a daily occurrence. Satin and silk do have that ‘sun past the yard arm’ allure but who hasn’t ignored that old saying? I’m all about being blousy at this moment. Here’s the thing: I could almost, at a stretchy squeeze, have chosen all my 5 items from Warehouse this week.  But, because I wouldn’t dream of comprising the style integrity of The Model Edit’s recommendations to you, I only ever truly select merch that I would – and do – wear. With an ever so excited, you-can-do-it attitude, I give you from Zara  an utterly gorgeous, has-to-be-worn-to-be-believed, long sleeved frilled blouse with a party bow. Love it, love it. Do not let the colour make you cry. No sissies please. It’s a style stride, not a style shuffle that I’m looking for here ladies.


Shirts Zara lime green ruffled shirt

Now that I’ve got your attention I’d like you to expose yourselves. Give people the cold shoulder with this perfectly on trend, saucy if you wish, divinely silky Warehouse silk tie sleeve blouse. Just so that you realise I’m not just shoving you guys towards new and unfamiliar fashion frontiers, here I am wearing dark pink, a shade that generally is a ‘swipe left’ for me, but I’m pleased I bothered, especially when I tell you that in this very same blouse, there is a navy blue on offer…

SILK TIE SLEEVE BLOUSE Warehouse £120.00

Shirts Warehouse pink tie long sleeved shirt - 1 sized

Now, still a little exposed but perfect for loitering near an open fire, glass in hand, this Warehouse silk tie back shell top is a fabulous creature.

SILK TIE BACK SHELL TOP Warehouse £59.00

Shirts Warehouse pink tie shell top

Christmas socials everywhere and what’s that you’re wearing next summer over ripped jeans and some ankle strappy espadrilles? Yes, this very same top. You really have to see where Mrs V’s happy place is. A multifunctional, two for one wardrobe piece. Joy to the

The last of my ‘one stop shop’ Warehouse blouses is this ridiculously easy to wear silk tie- back T-shirt, which is nevertheless a show stopper, because of its insouciance. It discreetly flaunts parts that are sexy and it supports other wardrobe starlets. There is a theme running through these Warehouse blouses, which is a floppy bow, but honestly is there anything more feminine? These bows juxtaposed with the more utilitarian cut of the blouses just do it for me, and by proxy, for you. They are not fly-by-night items:  you will revisit, re-wear and rejoice in them.

SILK TIE BACK T-SHIRT Warehouse £69.00

Shirts Warehouse tie bow T-Shirt

My swan song this week is H&M’s satin tunic. It took me a couple of visits to work out how I would wear it, and to convince myself that I wouldn’t look like I’d joined the brotherhood in it. But hey, it’s an utter classic. I’ve pictured it here nicely dovetailed into a trouser suit and it’s photographed without the jacket on as I want you all to see the tunic. However I’m loving the look of the jacket on and the tunic over hanging. It’s us treading a less conventional path and looking very sophisticated and powerful. Also I’m back on the lacy or fishnet tights, chain belt route, as this tunic is long enough for you to wear it as a cute dress. Strap on your sandals, you’re going to a party.


Shirts H&M White Satin Tunic sized

The adage of ‘use it or lose it’ comes to mind but I’ve rejigged that annoying phrase to one that we should all apply, ‘wear it, don’t spare it’


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