Style Awareness
July 27, 2018 | By: High50


We all recognise style when we see it. We see pictures in a magazine, online, in an advert and think, ‘I like that,’ or ‘I must buy that.’ These images are appealing to our sense of style.

And if magazines aren’t your thing then perhaps you see someone in real life, at work, at an event or even just someone we pass in the street. Someone well dressed and we are attracted to her image. Why? Because she gives out a positive energy, she appears happy, to stand taller, have more confidence and looks effortlessly put together. We yearn to look like her and some might think she was born with style. But believe me she wasn’t, she learnt it somewhere along the way and style is easy once you know some of the tricks and give yourself the time you deserve exploring what works and what doesn’t.

Try this exercise:

Collect images of clothes, accessories, shoes and bags that you like and/or make notes when you see someone wearing clothes that appeal to you.

Don’t think about the price tag or where the clothes are from, simply collect images that you are drawn to.

Look at the picture.  Ask yourself what it is that appeals? Is it the shoes, the colour, the detail or the actual garment itself?

Use the magazine cuttings you have gathered to create a style board, browse online, create your own Pinterest boards or get savvy with Polyvore (www.polyvore.com).

Once you have gathered over 30 images go back through them and think about what specifically appeals to you. You might find that you can separate them into different groups and realise that you have a big thing for wacky shoes, or perhaps it’s sharp tailoring. It’s amazing when you do this what you can learn about what genuinely appeals to you.

This really isn’t an unusual process to do. You may have done this exercise previously when thinking of decorating your home? You, or an interior designer, will create a mood board for inspiration. We seldom think to do it in terms of our own personal style. However, it really helps you to focus and understand what your style actually is.

And finally, here is something to consider. When we receive an invite to a special occasion or to attend an important event, the dominating thought is “What will I wear?”

Why is this? Because you know that what you choose to wear will significantly impact how you feel, and if you don’t feel confident with your appearance it can knock you completely.

We know that if we put the effort in and plan for a date, an interview, a presentation at work, a birthday celebration, a wedding, a day at the races etc. then we will get the most we possibly can from that occasion/event. But what about all the other times in between these important events?

The attitude I most often come across is one of “this will do” or “it’s just work.” But each day that we adopt this attitude, first and foremost we are communicating to ourselves that “it’s just another day” as well as to those around us. Would it not be better to put in a little effort and truly enjoy wearing something different, more expressive or exciting everyday? I promise if you adopt this attitude to what you wear, making more of your outward appearance, other little parts of your day will reflect that back at you.

A smile from a stranger, an extra compliment, being more productive at work. It happens! Make a little more effort for you and watch how others around you react positively. One of the first things I hear in feedback is that suddenly my clients receive lots of compliments about their appearance. It’s that halo effect radiating outwards because when you feel positive about your appearance, others can’t help but react and take notice too.

Great style doesn’t just happen; we need to plan, put in some effort, a little commitment and give ourselves some very important “me” time and value. It is an evolution, a journey where the more confident you become the more you can be creative and step away from the dreary and on with the dreamy.

Stylish wishes




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