Tights Squeeze
January 11, 2017 | By: High50

Tight SqueezeI’ve alighted on tights as my specialist subject for New Year.  As many of us are battling the post-Christmas bulge, tights can distract from our expanded waistlines and totally make an outfit. Most of us have at least one area of our legs that is resplendent. Therefore plan your pin’s entrance around short or long skirts or ripped or not so distressed Jeans. Tights can be worn under jeans, as well as the obvious skirts, dresses, trousers etc. Fact:  they can turn around the mood of outfit and therefore are your new best friends. Yours is to decide your price point.  Mine is to lay it on you, by laying it on me. Result, you’re inspired and can start enjoying the new 2017 you.

  1. Over the Knee

First up (my legs) is the ‘trompe l’oeil’ of the pack. The pretend ‘over the knee’ look. It doesn’t matter that you’re not in the Upper Sixth anymore because they’re tights and if I were feeling shy about them, I’d wear them with a slightly longer skirt/dress and orchestrate some viewings. I mean, what’s the point otherwise?

H&M Tights with over knee rib

Tights Overknee-look tights £7.99


  1. Ballerina

I love the ‘Ballet Shoes’ aspect of these tights from Tabio. They are so pretty, fishnet and a dusty pink. Gorgeous. You can definitely play the innocent in these. Tabio is a Japanese company specialising in hosiery for both sexes. Their stuff is quirky but very pretty and individual. It’s a go-to store for me. I’m also giving you a link to another pair of tights that I’ve just found at their online store. A jacquard dusty pink flowery pair.  Run those up your flag poles ladies.

 Tiny pink fishnets  Tabio £12.00

Tights Fishnet tights Tabio £12.00

  1. Denim

I’ve mentioned before that cold denim flapping around my legs in winter is a ‘no’ from me so I tend to wear denim tight as a second skin. On visiting Lapland one year with my three teeny tiny daughters, the best piece of advice that I was given was to layer. So I suggest wearing a pair of funky tights under your Jeans. Tights (a) embellish your ankles and have an entirely different allure to socks,  (b) sparkle, lacy or mesh tights peeking through any rips in your jeans will also have an entirely different allure to the view of erect leg hair as a result of goosebumps and (c) keep you nicely acclimatised. I rest my case.

They are now half price and couldn’t be better tights!!! Carine Roitfeld flowery lacy tights showing through ripped jeans.

Uniqlo Carine Tights £4.99

Tights Carine Roitfeld flowery lacy tights - 1 (


  1. Supersize Fishnets

Tremendously large fishnet tights for the myopic among us. Yes, yes, yes we can wear them with a Burberry kilt or a flowery dress for that matter. They are confrontational and a bit shouty but other than pointing to your legs if you want to get the style prize try these on for size. Put them with every outfit you own and see what they do. Honestly they can be naughty or nice.

Topshop supersize fishnet tights £6.50

Tights Topshop black fishnet tights - 1 (1)

  1. Sparkle

You may feel you’ve done enough sparkling over Christmas but these are more holographic than glittery and are actually pretty solid, in so far as they really are all over you, not just in little lacy places. All of a shimmer and with a tiny hint of blue in there too, I would definitely put them under any form of jeans because they’d really latch onto the denim look whilst stealing the show in a twinkly manner.

Wolford subtly multicoloured ‘Liv’ tights £35.00

Tights Wolford Hologram tights - 1 (3)

Tights are an easy way into being a bit more individual with your clothes. An embellishment chosen by you to interpret where you’re going and who is going to notice you when you arrive.

Happy New Year everyone from Mrs. V.


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