Vogue’s Anna Harvey’s 5 tips to being stylish during the party season
November 29, 2016 | By: High50

timeless-style-Anna Harvey Anna Harvey is one of fashions most influential names. Her legendary career at Vogue has spanned decades and she was stylist and confidante to Diana, Princess of Wales.  Here she gives her top five tips for dressing with style during the party season.

1.  The tunic shape is the ultimate forgiving outline –I love it. You can wear it as a top or a dress – in fact if you see a tunic shape dress that you like and you are tall enough so that it stops above the knees, you can wear it over a straight skirt for a chic, up-to-date look.


2.  If you are going for a cheaper dress, whether it is a winter or summer weight, do try it in several sizes – often a larger size than you would normally wear will look better – and of course if you can find a good-looking dress with sleeves, snap it up!

3.  I usually buy opaque tights a size larger than usual so that the colour is even all over the leg, rather than becoming paler where they are being stretched i.e. over the knees.  Tights with a shine tend to make the legs look fatter, whereas matt tights make them look slimmer. The only exception, I think, is in high summer when a slight sheen on sheer natural tights gives a more natural look.

anna-harvey-tights4.  Black, if you really like it and can wear it, can come into its own in the evening and it is always smart. Brighten it up with jewellery, and if it is a short dress or skirt, wear sheer (as sheer as you can find) flesh-coloured tights (black sheer tights are also fine if your legs are good).

5.   In the evening, don’t ignore jewel and berry colours, which can be very flattering in evening light – sapphire, garnet, emerald; blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and damson, for example.


 “Timeless Style” by Anna Harvey is published by Double-Barrelled Books price £18.95 paperback original.