Wearing Well: Mrs V picks the best looks of the week
November 30, 2016 | By: High50

pleats-proenza-schouler-metallic-pleated-skirtWe’re delighted to welcome Mrs. V, successful model turned successful fashion blogger, to High50. Every week Mrs. V will pound the high street in search of the best looks and show us how to put them together.  ‘Being a successful model for three decades has been my style university.  I spent 14 years living in Paris circumnavigating the fashion globe and working with everyone from YSL to Yojhi Yamamoto,’ says Mrs. V.  ‘I can spot a trend coming because most of my life I’ve worn clothes six months before their retail debuts. Today I am inspired by my three daughters and the joyful way they embrace style and current trends. I feel strongly that while I have confidence and belief in my own style, not every woman does. But I will spot what’s hot so you’ll never have to wear what’s not, as there is nothing that daunts me and everything that excites me about style.’

For for more information on what Mrs. V is wearing, please visit her website The Model Edit.


This season there is utterly no getting away from wearing creased clothes masquerading under their new moniker ‘pleats’ so Mrs V has rounded up 5 items of pleated clothing that should at least have you considering a foray into uniformed folds.

1.H&M pleated Khaki Skirt £24.99

H& M pleated-khaki-skirt

You can fussy it up with some sparkly shoes and I’d add some very current patterned tights, i.e.  large fishnets or big lacy. You can hunker it down with boots or trainers –  the sky’s the limit height-wise.

  1. Bershka Silver Pleated Skirt  £25.99

Bershka silver pleated skirt

The cross fertilisation of looks breeds individuality and can unlock a few more outfits from your current wardrobe. How nice is this ‘bling me up’ silver pleated skirt with the ‘keep me warm’ tailored jacket?

And how about this for an idea, swap a pleated top over your jeans for the day to night transition?

  1. Mango Grey Pleated Blouse £25.99

Mango grey pleated blouse

This blouse actually comes with matching fairly wide legged trousers, which if you were feeling flush, you could also buy and then wear as a very sophisticated ensemble or separate the two and unlock five thousand looks in your wardrobe!

  1. Mango Grey Pleated Wide Legged Trouser Suit  £55.95

I saw someone wearing a pair of pleated trousers with a Pea Coat as I crossed Regent Street and though it was fab, pretty, current and practical. It wasn’t the time to whip out my camera as a Routemaster was bearing down…

  1. Topshop Pleated Gold Trousers  £36.00

Topshop pleated gold trousers

There is so, so much in this genre out there and it’s for you to choose your entry point.

Every item I’ve featured is under £35, which means that you won’t have to commit a robbery to bag yourself a piece of this pleated swag.

If you only want to dip your toe into this bottomless style pool, I suggest a very groovy skinny scarf, like this silver one from Zara.  I cannot promise that this delicious little accessory is presently available but many more on the theme of, will be.

Pleats can hide or accentuate and that is a mighty fine thing. There is a shed load of choice on every level for this trend, fabric and style. Grab your handbags, we’re going to a party, to work, to supper, to the end of term play or to the works outing and wait for it…we are pleats to bits!