Cirque du Soleil and El Bulli chefs hook up for stunning Heart Ibiza project
“Here, high-concept, street-food market meets art installations”
The Guardian
March 29, 2017 | By: High50
Heart Ibiza opens its doors on May 26 with a new and incredible live dinner experience featuring Cirque du Soleil and michelin star chefs.

Off to Ibiza? It’s not just for the kids.. at Heart Ibiza, the average age is 40 plus and they recently hosted a party for a 60th birthday.

Reservations open on March 1 with Heart Ibiza  beating stronger than ever: the worlds of art, music and gastronomy collide in a most exclusive Ibiza night.

Ibiza, 28th February 2017 -The unique experience from the creative minds of Albert and Ferran Adrià in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, which began in 2015 at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, is back again with a new concept for multi-sensory entertainment where music, art and gastronomy come together in one of the world’s hottest destinations.

Heart Ibiza is home to a combination of highly varied disciplines: the artistic and magical creativity of Cirque du Soleil, cooking styles influenced by world flavours with the unmistakable seal of Albert Adrià and cutting- edge entertainment at the hands of talented artists along with some of the hottest DJ’s and musicians of the moment.

In the words of the General Manager and Creative Director, José Corraliza “in the last months we have been preparing the concept for the new season… Ibiza is a inexhaustible source of inspiration and we’ve enjoyed creating what Heart in 2017 will be. As always, pushing the limits is what motivates us and our objective is to continue provoking the senses of all those who come to Heart… Moreover we will soon announce a programme for our nights that will no doubt surprise our guests”.

This year Heart Ibiza will once more play host to the exclusive Charity Gala to raise funds in support of One Drop, the Guy Laliberté Foundation, with the participation of the Ibiza Preservation Fund foundation and its “Alianza para el agua” project; as well as other galas like “Bridges for Music”, a non-profit organisation that gathers the main characters of the musical industry in order to break the boundaries with dis-advantaged countries and communities.

Heart Ibiza is a live dinner experience

Welcome to the Terrace

An exquisite aperitif to open the palate in an unique, open-air atmosphere with amazing views of the port and the historic centre of Dalt Vila.
So begins the night at Heart Ibiza: the guest is lead to the terrace to enjoy delicate morsels such as the steamed brioche with truffled cheese or the strawberry, sesame and curry cookies just to name a few.

Thus begins a night of relaxation in a unique and festive atmosphere.

.. On to the Dinner: A Trip for the Senses

Our house band welcomes the guest to dinner in the main room on the ground floor of the venue. Live music will accompany a night of incredible performances that will leave our guests jaws on the floor. And of course how could we forget the genius and larger than life personality of our master of ceremonies for the night, Lady Heart.

The gastronomic experience is diverse and cosmopolitan, created for the most discerning local and international palates, using only the highest quality ingredients as a starting point, like the Oriental lobster caldereta or the bonito fish a la catalana.
Combined with the incredible live performances it will make for an experience that is much more than just a live dinner show.

…Shall We Continue? Heart Club

As we move further into the night, the space transforms and mutates it’s appearance into that of a nightclub. The creativity of each one of the parties, together with the originality of the performances, will create an environment where the guest can lose themselves in a truly special and new way to enjoy the Ibiza nightlife. Heart Ibiza presents a nightlife proposal with exclusive concepts and content that have been especially created for each one of its nights.
Besides incredible surprises that will be soon unveiled, Heart Ibiza will host again some parties that brought memorable moments to the island last season: Heart Factory’s Tuesdays will bring unique experiences to the Ibiza nightlife with the presence of internationally renowned DJ’s and bands; the awarded Acid Sundays will gather together its tribe in all its essence and vibes, and for those who want to relive some of the biggest parties of the 80’s Boogie in Wonderland will start this summer with more rhythm than ever.
The iconic Ibiza party “La Troya” will transform to fusion its style at Heart Ibiza and in the upcoming weeks the line ups will be announced, as well as other concepts that will complement the nightlife proposal for this season. Stay tuned.

About Heart Ibiza

Each year, Heart Ibiza, which has a team of about 220 people between front of house, kitchen, artists, tech- nical and musical departments, presents a fresh fusion between art, music and gastronomy: gastronomic innovations, diverse performances and musical proposals which create a world of sensations that escalates as the night goes on.

The project is the result of ten years of friendship and the exchange of ideas between the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté and Adrià brothers. Their combined creativity, talent and common vision have come together for this project on the island.
The interior design is the work of Patricia Urquiola, who has garnered international prestige for her work and who is widely considered to be the one of the most influential Spanish architects and designer of the moment.

About the owners

Ferran and Albert Adrià may be the most well known siblings on the international culinary scene, being the precursors to what many have called the last ‘gastronomic revolution.’
Currently, Ferran dedicates his time and energy to elBulliFoundation, with elBulli 1846 which will see the light of day in 2018, while Albert has created a true ‘gastronomic Amusement park’ in the neighbourhood of the Paralel in Barcelona with elBarri restaurant group, which culminated the opening of Enigma in January 2017.

Guy Laliberte is one of the clearest examples of success achieved through hard work. A restless artistic mind and a need to see the world drew him away from home at the age of 14, to eventually become the founder of Cirque du Soleil. Laliberte has extended its talent and creativity to other endeavors in which that same energy and spirit is apparent throughout all of his projects.

Live Dinner Experience
From 21.00 to 01.00

Access without dinner

From 23h00 without reservation and with a ticket (with a drink) purchased in the reception area, subject to availability.


VIP table from 01h00

Reservations from 1 March

Guests can make reservations by calling 34 971 93 37 77 (from 10h00 to 18h00), via email: reservas@heartibiza.com or on the website https://www.heartibiza.com

Further information

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Paseo Juan Carlos I, 17 07800 Ibiza, España www.heartibiza.com