Four unique horse races to rival Siena’s palio
August 14, 2013 | By: High50
Love travel? Love horse racing? Then you'll love these four horse racing events around the globe, in Mongolia, Switzerland, Sardinia and the Australian outback
White Turf-04-St Moritz_620x34

The White Turf races in February take place by the frozen Lake of St Moritz. Photo by Andy Mettler

This ancient festival, held each July, is a celebration of equestrian events, archery and wrestling. Its roots lie in the nomad wedding assemblies and hunting extravaganzas of the Mongolian army. Nadaam Festival, Mongolia.

White Turf, St Moritz, Switzerland

The White Turf international horse races on St Moritz’s frozen lake are one of the most spectacular winter events in Europe. They take place in February. White Turf, Switzerland.

Sa Sartiglia, Sardinia, Italy

In the build-up to Lent in the town of Oristano, horsemen compete with one another in an ancient tournament to select the masked rider who will conquer the ring and the symbolic star. Sa Sartiglia, Sardinia

Birdsville Races 2001 019 200x200. Credit Birdsville Race Club

Photo by Birdsville Race Club

Birdsville Races, Australia

This popular outback racing-derby is held in Queensland in September to raise money for charity. Picnickers and campers arrive from all over Australia to participate in the fun in this remote location. When the races are on, the local population increases from 100 to more than 6,000. Birdsville Races, Australia.